Basic Beliefs

  • The key role of the pastor is that of spiritual guide.
  • The pastor needs to keep growing in his/her personal spiritual journey.
  • The pastor’s ministry as spiritual guide grows out of the pastor’s own spiritual development.
  • The pastor as spiritual guide affects all areas of his/her ministry.
  • The development of a vision of one’s self as spiritual guide is essential.
  • Grounding in the disciplines of the spiritual life is very important, especially Bible study and prayer.
  • The pastor needs to learn a balance of solitude and community.
  • The pastor needs to lead the congregation in spiritual development and discernment of God’s leadership in the congregation.
  • The pastor needs a theological perspective that undergirds this approach to ministry.
  • This program is based on the belief that God’s Spirit is always taking the initiative in our lives and in our churches, and that we are to respond by faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ.
  • God works in both the weak and strong places of the pastor’s life.
  • This approach to ministry is based solidly on the great commandments-love God, love others, love self.


Guiding Spiritual Values

The PSG logo highlights the mystery and wonder of God’s transforming presence with us and for us, a core conviction of our faith and of this program. In the work of ministry we join our lives with the transforming presence of God who always goes before us. The Spirit of God is our true guide. This logo also depicts the pivotal need for community in the life of faith and for inner transformation. Ours is a shared journey toward becoming the transformed spiritual leaders and transforming spiritual presence God created and desires us to be.

Jesus lived his live in common with others, sharing and participating in God's work. By living into community as followers of Jesus, we encourage one another in our love of God and collectively resist the powerful attraction of conforming to the world's values.

Our aim is to become a spiritual community wherein:

  • we experience the grace of companionship and collaboration and mutuality;
  • we honor discernment, confidentiality, kindness and self awareness;
  • we delight in the richness of ecumenicity and respect diversity of gifts and perspectives;
  • we desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • we pursue openness to the transformation of self and community;
  • we practice of spiritual disciplines and ancient disciplines such as lectio divina, centering prayer,daily review or examen, contemplative prayer, solitude and Sabbath; journaling, practice of spiritual direction in groups and with a spiritual guide-director-companion;
  • we strive to re-image all that we as pastors do as spiritual guides.

Pastor as Spiritual Guide Program

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