Retreat Schedule and Topics

All retreats will occur at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center, Stoneville, NC

Phase I: The Foundation

•     Forming a Cohort
•     Developing a common language and shared frame of reference for the    spiritual life
•     A visit to each church setting
•     Selected Readings
•     Response Papers

Retreat I: The Pastor as Spiritual Guide:  Living in Relationship with God

Phase II: The Practice

•     The Contemplative Life
•     Soul Care for the Pastor and Congregation
•     Practicing Spiritual Disciplines and Spiritual Formation
•     Transforming Congregations and Communities

Retreat II: Practicing the Presence

Retreat III: The Holy Spirit as Our Guide

Retreat IV: Preaching as Spiritual Guidance

Retreat V: Pastoral Care as Spiritual Guidance

Retreat VI: Leadership and Spiritual Guidance

Retreat VII: Making Our Transition

Pastor as Spiritual Guide Program

105 Sequoia Drive
Lexington, NC  27292